Brian Braudis’ 1-Minute Morning Memo: November 9, 2015 – Today’s focus: Self-esteem

Self Esteem

Today’s Coaching: Self Esteem. Have you noticed a diminutive tone when it comes to self-esteem? I hear it all the time. “I couldn’t accept that, it’s overgenerous, I can’t live in that house,” or my favorite, “they only accept the top 5%, no sense in me applying.”

Most of the low self-esteem seems to be self-inflicted or at the very least self-supported. Add this tendency to the uncertainty in our world and in my eyes I see “CAUTION TAPE” everywhere. It’s too easy (and too easily accepted) to assume the victim role.

It’s much harder to view yourself as a victor. In this world it’s a constant upstream swim.

My daughter is a fanatical fan of George Harrison. In one of the YouTube videos she watches repeatedly they interview Harrison’s wife, Olivia. They met while he was the secretary for Harrison’s Dark Horse record label.

The interviewer, Katie Couric sets up the interview saying that Olivia came from a diminutive background and then she asks if she ever pinches herself and says “wow, how did all this happen?” Olivia replied, “Yes, I thought, wow didn’t he get lucky?”

You have to know unequivocally who you are, no vacillating, no perhaps, no, “I guess.”  Swim hard against the current everyday!