Brian Braudis’ 1-Minute Morning Memo: December 12, 2016 – Success recent Business Insider “listcycle” article described what successful people do. Good but not enough…read on.

14 Hints What Successful People Do

  1. They show up on time. Avoid staring the day filled with stress, rushing around, in a panic.
  2. They reflect. You must know where you’ve been, where you are and where you’re going.
  3. They Pause to be present. Manage your day don’t allow it to manage you.
  4. They get comfortable. Adjust circumstances to your personal comfort.
  5. They organize their workspace. Avoid time wasters & create efficiency.
  6. They stretch. Your body influences how you perform.
  7. They review their to do list. Prioritize for efficiency.
  8. They visualize success. Begin with the end. It’s easier to hit a target you can see.
  9. They strategically check email. Be strategic, there’s nothing random about success.
  10. They smile and laugh. Change your mood, you feel better. When you feel better you perform better and you make others better.
  11. They anticipate distractions. Recognizing that distractions will happen allows you to manage them.
  12. They say no. Nicely. Prioritize what you give attention to.
  13. They block out negativity. Negativity constrains and inhibits, enough said.
  14. They take time to greet their team. Set the tone early. People matter more than anything else you could possibly be doing.

More Than Meets The Eye:
There is more here than meets the eye. What is not said or implied is the FACT that these actions alone will not ensure success. It’s the THINKING that goes with these actions that make the person successful.

Successful People THINK:

  • Self-improvement is not chimera.
  • I can change behaviors that hold me back, & limit my impact.
  • What I do (even the small things) does make a difference.
  • Forget the past, I’ll create my future.

LEAD Your Life:
Begin now. LEAD your life and become the master of your destiny rather than the servant of your circumstances. Align your thinking with where you want to go. Use each day to invest and become the person you are destined to be. Then, author your own list of what successful people do.