Brian Braudis’ 1-Minute Morning Memo: December 15, 2014-Today’s focus: Art

Priceless Contribution

Today’s focus: Art. More and more we are seeing a trend moving away from commodity and mediocrity in the direction of priceless contribution, I call it art. Back in 2005, former GM Chairman Bob Lutz said GM was by necessity “in the art business.”

Art is shifting from the fringe to the center. The good thing about this shift is we can all create art. Good jobs and good careers are going to those who create art. Art is defined as making a difference through your contribution…it’s priceless, and uniquely you.

Here are 6 ways to start creating your priceless contribution:

  • See the latent artist in the mirror
  • Raise your standard, what you won’t tolerate, what you will do
  • Face the fact that you could be more and you could do more
  • Become more energetic, more enthusiastic, more open-minded and more flexible
  • Inconspicuously produce so well that you can’t possibly remain inconspicuous. In other words work so hard (smart) that your boss or customers can’t ignore you
  • Create art with your ART—Attitude, Resourcefulness, Talent

Do you see a pattern here?

OK, the pattern is that all 6 of these are not taught in schools or training anywhere else for a good reason. They are not skills they are choices.

What comes to us whether good or bad is the result of our own action or inattention to action.