Brian Braudis’ 1-Minute Morning Memo: December 16, 2013


The death of Nelson Mandela triggers a reminder for us: Possibility is ever abundant. We can create the world we want.

Mandela wanted freedom for all. He not only lived to see his dream come true, he created it. Mandela lived by the maxim, the best way to predict the future is create it! 

Mandela Never Gave Up on Dismantling Apartheid

Here are 4 lessons from Mandela’s life:

  • Mandela changed. He was a young angry radicle in the 1960s but he did not remain frozen and obstinate, Mandela changed.
  • Mandela replaced thoughts of revenge with reconciliation. After coming to power he put everyone at ease by cultivating peace for all including those who imprisoned him.
  • Mandela saved his country from even more destruction and decline that could have accompanied the transition from white-rule. He chose a higher road for the greater good.
  • Mandela was not perfect. He himself spoke of regrets. On balance however, his legacy is one of positive contribution and perhaps his imperfection is what gives us the greatest inspiration. Mandela demonstrated that greatness is not limited by our imperfection.

Mandela showed us that Possibility is a  perspective waiting to be executed on. 

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