Brian Braudis’ 1-Minute Morning Memo: December 18, 2017 – Time Flies

you are the pilotDecember seems to be the fastest moving month even though we all know it has 31 days. Time flies but you you are the pilot.

If you haven’t made the strides you wanted this year and feel you are running out of time don’t despair. And by all means don’t beat yourself up. That’s never productive.

Instead, use your energy to prepare and hit the ground running January 2nd…bar none.

Here are three secrets to give you a head start on a great New Year:

Use the energy of each day to build small, daily wins. The Power of Small Wins is often overlooked or dismissed as insignificant but in reality it is the only approach that works. Remember, you are the pilot.

Alignment is more important than strategy. Make sure that your daily efforts are aligned with your goals and inching you forward.

Be proactive rather than reactive. Psychologists tell us not to chase happiness but rather put effort toward reducing unhappiness. Also, don’t try to eliminate stress but rather create well being. In the same way reacting is futile because you are behind what has already happened. Lead your life in such a way that you head off the need for reaction.

Yes, time flies but don’t worry about that because you are the pilot! 


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