Brian Braudis’ 1-Minute Morning Memo: December 19, 2016 – Reflect and Refocus


The end of year Holiday Season provides a great opening for Reflection and if there was ever a time to refocus our lens it is now.

The future is in dire need of perspective, improvement and inspiration.

After your careful reflection, I want to encourage your refocus.

  • Let’s stop following the communal narrative given to us from cable news, the Internet and social media.
  • Lead your own thinking and interpretation. Create your own narrative based on your ideas and your values.
  • Don’t allow the highly vocal opinions of others to influence your behavior. Push your own buttons.
  • Look for what is right with the world.

Give yourself the gift of time to deeply reflect on your purpose, your intentions and the direction and action you want to take. Are you your own influence? What will you allow to occupy your thoughts? What will you give energy to? How you will use today to create the tomorrows you’ve always wanted?

We are better. If there was ever a time to inspire improvement it is now…we can do this, we must do this!

Lead and be the master of your destiny rather than the servant of your circumstances.

Let’s carry it over the line and continue into 2017. See you then.

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