Brian Braudis’ 1-Minute Morning Memo: December 22, 2014-Today’s focus: Hope

Let’s Hope

We are hopeless without Hope. Stories abound from those in unbearable suffering situations—Victor Frankl endured the Holocaust, Nelson Mandela endured Apartheid and prison and POWs endured their captors. They all said let’s hope and held it close to their heart.

When Churchill said, “We shall never surrender” I believe he meant something larger than the war effort, we should never surrender our hope.
We must follow the example of Frankl and Mandela and take action to bring the prospect to life. Most of us are not in unbearable situations and we can do more. See how here.

Imagine a world where everyone did just a little more…….
Let’s use this Season of Joy to cultivate more in ourselves and instill it in others.

Help lift others with a smile. This universal language never grows out of fashion and is always politically correct. Understood everywhere!

Open yourself to self-care and renewal. Build a reserve. Put your oxygen mask on first.

Proactively build relationships. Don’t wait for relationships to form, make them happen.

Engender what is possible, engage with others and evolve your mindset.

Hope is our catalyst to do more and to be more.

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