Brian Braudis’ 1-Minute Morning Memo: December 28, 2015 – Today’s focus: A look back

One Year Older

One Year Older only means better right? Let’s reflect on my memos from 2015 to create momentum for this first memo in 2016. These are a few ideas that even standing alone and out of context they make sense for a new year.

We are all One Year Older but that is easy to take if you’ve been engaged in growth, reinvention and self-renewal because you’re not just older you’re more valuable.

Starting is just the beginning. As you get into action notice what creates resistance to action. The excuses and rationalizations that come up; know that this is common and happens to everyone. The people that succeed push past the resistance and excuses and stay with the effort until breakthrough.

Perspective is personal. Beliefs are just that—beliefs. They may or may not be facts. We can spin ourselves in despair or triumph depending on our perspective. That’s why knowing yourself is so valuable….you know when your buttons are being pushed.

Don’t assume academic prowess predicts how well we do in life. These are threshold abilities, what one needs to get the job. These abilities are ubiquitous. Everyone who has a job has these skills. Academics will get you a job. Personal education will take you to the summit.

If by life expectancy you mean what to expect out of life right now there is no question. Regular exercise will exceeded your expectations for increased energy and living life to its fullest.

Take action. Don’t allow fear, resistance, procrastination or the urge to stop hold you back. Stay focused on what you know and move, take action. Even small action is action.

Do the things that most people won’t so you can live a life that most people can’t.