Brian Braudis’ 1-Minute Morning Memo: December 14, 2020 – True End of 2020

pain and suffering of 2020Everywhere you look, the December message is a desire for 2020 to be over as quickly as possible. The collective focus is on pain and suffering of 2020.

It has been a challenging year. Perhaps the collective wish to hastily dispose of 2020 is pointing out that we are challenged beyond our powers. With an honest shift in focus, one can see it was a year full of opportunity and motivation to become stronger.

There has never been a better time to get serious about transformation, developing a new, well-lighted path into the depths of human experience. I don’t mean more information.

We are trained in the topical—analysis and strategy but not prepared. A university degree can’t help you when adversity is greatest and the nights are the longest.

Instead of a focus on the pain and suffering of 2020, I suggest you go deeper

We begin to dispel such darkness with the inner light of our Presence. You are not crushed by life when you have elevated Presence; you don’t lose yourself, come unhinged, or become hijacked by the situation.

Presence on the outside looks like poise, self-control, self-possession. From the inside, it looks or feels like composure. It’s contentment that stems from insight into human Nature/the human condition. You understand. Like the sky, which is never crowded by clouds, you have an inner spaciousness.

A deeper presence is liberating. You no longer have to worry that some circumstance may overtake you. You are at peace no matter what happens, even if your crazy uncle shows up unexpectedly.

Don’t wish for the end of suffering; make your Presence stronger.

Before you go, here are two short trails toward a new path….

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