Brian Braudis’ 1-Minute Morning Memo: December 29, 2014-Today’s focus: Happy New Year

A New Year

Today’s focus: Happy New Year! With a new year beginning, now is the time to initiate the change you’ve wanted to see.

Ensure right now, make a covenant to not just passively be one year older in 12 months but promise yourself to actively work to get better too.

Here are 15 things to keep at the forefront as you use yourself today to improve in A New Year.

You are the instrument. Everything is manifest through you, your thoughts, perspective and your efforts make it so.

  • Growth comes from growth not from containment or holding back
  • Take small steps. Small efforts lead to BIG improvements
  • Use yourself to influence rather than command
  • Help others by helping yourself first. Nourish yourself avoid depletion
  • Become more open, less obstinate
  • Shift from a work/commodity perspective and become indispensable/priceless
  • Confidence comes from improvement. Improvement only enters through one door, the door of change.
  • Talent is less important than effort, real change is more about choices
  • Cultivate a broader view, a higher view and a longer-term view
  • Challenge your assumptions and question knee-jerk reactions
  • Notice your mindset. You simply cannot out-perform your mindset
  • Give yourself time. Time to pursue, process time, down time, in the moment time and time to reflect
  • Reframe the negative. Negativity constricts energy while realistic acknowledgement releases it.
  • Evaluate yourself gently. No one is great one hundred percent of the time.

Make 2015 yours, full of things that have never been.