Brian Braudis’ 1-Minute Morning Memo: December 8, 2014

Self Talk

According to research done by Dr. Dennis Gersten the average person has approximately 15,000 thoughts per day. Better known to some as Self Talk. But the Cleveland Clinic now says it’s more like 60,000 thoughts per day that are completely repetitive and about 80 % of those are negative.

That’s a lot of energy and negativity especially if you are reaching for new things as an entrepreneur, leader or change agent.

Attention is Key

The key here is attention. We must make effort to be mindful of our thoughts from inception and the kind of mindset or mood that is receiving our thoughts.

What kind of surface is the negative thought landing on? If you have an acidic thought and it lands on a neutral base, the result will be harmless salt and water. Acid + Base = salt and water..

On the other hand if an acidic thought lands on a corrosive surface such as Clorox it will create deadly chlorine gas.

So if you’re in a corrosive mood pay close attention to your thoughts, your mood and your surroundings. Actively replace thoughts, change your mood and your surroundings, move forward, don’t create poison.

“You simply cannot out perform your mood.”