Brian Braudis’ 1-Minute Morning Memo: February 1, 2021 – Let Freedom Ring… In the Information Age

Let Freedom RingLet Freedom ring—-Freedom to think and express ourselves in any way we choose, combined with so much available in the information age, brings new and unprecedented challenges.

It seems, intelligent and skillful living requires more attention than ever.

How can we be more intelligent and more skillful?

If you feel anxious, angry, blocked, or frustrated, don’t look to others. In stillness and silence, look inside………………


If you were building a house, you would choose the best materials to build your foundation because you know good bricks won’t crack under pressure. The best materials, good wood will stand up to the threat of wood-destroying pests. And, of course, good paint, roof, and siding will seal out bad weather.

Let Freedom Ring, In the Information Age…

Do the same with your Self

Pay attention, and you’ll see that everyone ‘advertises’ who they are with verbal and non-verbal messages. We can often intuitively pick up on someone’s motives or at least their temperament. 

Be intentional with who you listen to and what information you allow to permeate your psyche. We see with multi-layered human sensitivity and hear with more than our ears. 

Guard against negativity or being pulled downward. Most people think it’s impossible to live free of negativity, but that’s not true.

Pssssst,… Secrets are not so much hidden or obscure tactics. Secrets can only be known by being practiced. And with so few people willing to try, to make the investment, they remain hidden.

The prodigious challenge (let freedom ring) life

We are the maker, master, protector, destroyer, and, yes, the savior of ourselves.
This is what makes life so difficult today. We have everything, and choosing is hard. But we must be our own advocates. There is no one else. 

Freedom is our right. But don’t rely on rights to take you upward. Take responsibility for your upward movement.

  • Restrain from bitterness, conflict, and division that infest relationships and create more suffering and negativity.
  • Don’t yield to anger; control it.
  • It takes more skill and intelligence to keep silent in the face of bitter speech.
  • Responding with hatred only maintains it.

The highest goal is to develop your Self to control yourself.

The mind seeks to divide and conquer. Spirit will unify and heal.