Brian Braudis’ 1-Minute Morning Memo: February 10, 2020 – Strength & Courage Was There All Along

I’m tense and nervousA client brought her therapy session to our coaching. When I’m in therapy, I’m calm, articulate, and rational. Work is like the proverbial fishbowl. I’m tense and nervous, can’t relax.

Kudos! You have made it to the first step, recognition. Don’t fly the white flag now, continue, dig, search, ask questions, explore.

Here’s reassurance that is an integral part of the growth process.

The fact that you recognize your moods and feelings is progress enough. Many people don’t know what is happening when they feel tense, nervous and anxious.

They act on these emotions as though feelings and behaviors are out of their control or worse, who they are. They believe the thoughts and emotions are who they are.

When they act out, more anxiety and adverse consequences result. The fact that you can identify your emotions means you can manage them. Your daily investment on where your attention is works!

Exhale, relax and take stock. You may feel tense and nervous, but those feelings will fade. Stay with it. As you observe and invest, you are bringing light to dark areas.

It is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness-– Eleanore Roosevelt

Keep these four things top of mind as you invest, grow, and evolve to meet I’m tense and nervous, can’t relax head on

  1. Small daily investment brings short bursts of clarity, confidence, and a knowing state of mind. These brief experiences are stepping stones that lead in a direction that will change your life.
  2. There is a goal but no timetable. Each new stepping stone brings more profound and more in-depth insight and awareness in a fascinating and fulfilling process that’s enjoyable for its own sake.
  3. What you cultivate grows.
  4. As you apply your new insight, energy, and enthusiasm toward daily problems, you begin to trust yourself, your ability, your innate strength.

One day in a flash, you realize, Aaaaaha! Strength and courage that was there all along. Daily investment created access to it.