Brian Braudis’ 1-Minute Morning Memo: February 16, 2015

Presidential Leadership

Today’s focus: Leadership. I’ll dedicate this Memo to Presidential Leadership in honor of President’s Day. Leadership is the one thing that can change everything and it started with our first President. George Washington was impressive at commanding the Continental Army over the grueling eight-year Revolutionary War. At the end of the war Washington wanted to return to his life as a gentleman farmer but strong public opinion about his leadership forced him to give in and run for president. He won our first election unanimously.

Why Washington Revered

He wasn’t a genius on the battlefield and his strength was not as a strategist.
Washington was brilliant in reading the situation and adapting his strengths to what was needed to carryout success.

The Army

The colonial army was notoriously under supplied, under fed and sometimes went without shoes in winter. They won few battles.
Washington gave his troops direction. He inspired and motivated the troops to persevere. He kept the shared vision of independence from England in their sights and probably most significant, Washington was magnificent at keeping the struggling troops together….Presidential Leadership!

World-changing leadership does not come from you as much as it comes through you!

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