Brian Braudis’ 1-Minute Morning Memo: February 2, 2015

Do The Work

Many of you know I’m an adjunct instructor at Wilmington University. One of my recent students only showed up for class half the time, he didn’t do the work. He did not do The Easy Stuff. Only when I gave him an “F” did this student begin to do the work. He went to the Dean, the Department Chair and requested a meeting with the University President.

When I had the chance to speak, I said, if the student would have done the right work at the right time he would not be in the situation he’s in. He put himself in this untenable position. My message is get the Easy Stuff right.

It’s not that hard. College is all planned out. All you have to do is step on the stepping-stones that are in place, follow the script and you’ll get the sheepskin, success is yours!

You may have heard the story of a NYU Stern professor’s advice to a similar student that went viral.

On the surface it may seem hip to buck the process and authority of a university but in reality you are not helping yourself. Even if you’re a genius you have a lot to learn. Get the Easy Stuff right! No one gets anywhere without the help of others and unless you are willing to do the work, you won’t elicit any assistance. In fact you’ll bring about the opposite.

Wealth Without Work is one of Gandhi’s Seven Deadly Sins and it refers to conniving, manipulating—the practice of getting something for nothing.
Slow and steady evolutionary work leads to revolutionary results.