Brian Braudis’ 1-Minute Morning Memo: February 20, 2017 – The Union

The Union

In light of the 2017 President’s Day Holiday, I’m reflecting on the significance of The Union.

Immediately after the War of Independence with Britain, George Washington felt compelled to offer his advice for a new United States that was positioned for greatness. Elated, inspired and cautious all at the same time Washington warned of the consequences if America failed to live up to its great promise.

Washington stressed that the future of the United States depended upon the strength of the Union.

Washington encouraged a peaceful, friendly and accepting relationship among all citizens of the United States, regardless of region. Success of the Union required all people to forget their local prejudices and policies and be willing to sacrifice their individual advantages to the interest of the Community.

We heard the same encouragement from another great president after the Civil War. Lincoln put the Union above all else. For four years Lincoln was sickened, heat broken, weary and anxious about the bloodshed of war. He never wavered, the Union was the supreme cause.

It’s funny how things stay the same as they change. We are reminded once again to rise above petty preoccupations and lead from the high road.

Below are suggestions and advice after the 2016 election.

We all need to be gentle with each other and curious about eachother’s experiences.

Practice kindness and empathy. Sure, it can be challenging at times, but it is possible to be empathetic with someone and disagree with his or her thoughts.

 We all share the same basic core as Americans, and that’s what we should focus on. Keep an open mind.

Avoid the stress angst and misery of the normative conversations. Lift yourself and free yourself from the status quo.

Think Different. Be Different!