Brian Braudis’ 1-Minute Morning Memo: February 22, 2016 – Today’s focus: Hope

Youth Leadership

We are hopeless without hope. Many people see the younger generation as hopeless but my experience is just the opposite. I see Youth Leadership.

This weekend I volunteered at a Boy Scout Merit Badge Fair, guiding boys age 12-18 through the criteria to earn merit badges such as citizenship, communications and personal management on their way to the coveted pinnacle rank of Eagle Scout.

As with most anything there were as many levels of development as there were individuals. These boys were all from different troops but they bonded around the common thread of youth leadership and scouting. They helped each other stretch and meet the benchmarks.

They helped me reimagine a world where everyone did just a little more to lead and spread hope.


Helped others who were not as far along and supported and encouraged those who were shy or lacked presentation experience.

Opened up to diversity of thought respectfully accepting different opinions and positions.

Proactively looked at strengths and downplayed non-strengths.

Engendered what was possible, looking forward, becoming more.

It was such a positive experience working with these young leaders one couldn’t help but have hope.

Their actions serve as hope and a catalyst to do more and to become more.