Brian Braudis’ 1-Minute Morning Memo: February 22, 2021 – Meditation or Stillness High Five!

Meditation or even just practicing stillness will lead you to mindfulness. Below are comments from Mindful Manager Workshops that I did back in the old days.

Brian, before your workshop, I was completely unaware that my thoughts were nothing but false mind activity, yet I believed them. I followed them as truth, and they influenced my mood. They made me look foolish because I acted on them. I was trapped, believing false mind activity. Your workshop set me free. I am now a mindful manager and free from being shackled to my anxiety and anger.

Brian, I spent my time as a manager trying to control and manipulate circumstances so I would feel OK. It made managing stressful and exhausting. When I let go of needing others to behave a certain way in order for me to be OK, I found that my feeling OK had nothing to do with anyone outside of myself. I went from uptight manager to mindful manager.

Brian, I stopped in my tracks when you asked me, “Who’s in charge up there?” You pointed me to the idea that I wasn’t using my mind, my mind was using me. I was shackled to what my mind would feed me and it was painful. The pain is now gone! 

Mindful Manager Workshops are based on this free download. We aim for awareness of what is happening in your perceptual world in real-time. 

The big goal is liberation. You begin to realize that you are being directed by erroneous thoughts and free yourself by detaching and withdrawing from incessant mind stimulation and control.

Many people reach this realization on day one but in a few days feel progress fade. At least they perceive they are right back where they were.   

I get comments like, Brian, I can’t duplicate how I felt in the workshop. I feel like I’m losing ground. 
Don’t disregard these seemingly small blissful moments 

Practicing meditation is the path to liberation. We get moments of blissful clarity. These brief moments will change your life. They aren’t liberation just yet, but they are stepping stones on the path leading to liberation.

The big goal is not easy. You are training yourself in a most fundamental limitation that everyone faces. The untrained mind is unreliable, and this condition puts us at the mercy of life’s circumstances.

Limitations remain in place only if you do nothing about them. Give yourself kudos. You have confronted this limitation that society or university cannot and will not provide, and you have made progress. 

Remember, you are transforming your life through the investment of patience, concentration, and time, a focus that is uncommon today.

“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life, and you will call it fate.” — Carl G. Jung

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