Brian Braudis’ 1-Minute Morning Memo: February 24, 2014-Today’s focus, Leadership

Leadership Execution

Today’s focus, Leadership Execution: Too often we associate leadership with executives and senior management and dissociate leadership with our non-heroic everyday life. We don’t even know what talented leaders we are!

Most people would agree that a central tenet of leadership is execution. Leaders rise and fall around how well they execute. Execution has a lot to do with effectiveness not only in organizational leadership situations but also in life overall.

This is why I often associate a well-executed and effective life with leadership.

If you take a deep look and examine where you are currently (perform a personal 360° feedback); hold it up to your idea for change or your vision, and execute a plan to get there, that’s leadership!
It takes leadership to develop and execute a plan for personal change, for an organization or for your business or career. When you decide you have had enough of procrastination and you are finished wishing for success or waiting for you ship to come in. When you resolve to build that ship and sail it, that’s leadership!

I encourage you to lead your ship!

One doesn’t typically manage oneself into a new, improved condition. One leads oneself into a new desired future condition.

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