Brian Braudis’ 1-Minute Morning Memo: February 25, 2019 – Your Results Will Vary

Your Results Will VaryMost people miss probably the most profound lesson in self-improvement. Your results will vary. The importance of this caveat is monumental, even life-changing but some can’t see it.

Al Roker was recently publicly criticized for his controversial diet. His reply was. My results differ from your research. In other words, it works for me.

Your results will vary is such a powerful posture statement. It could/should be applied more often.

I read somewhere that no two people ever occupy the same place or have the same experience…ever! Everyone’s experience will be different and this is based on background, genes, family, experiences.

Training, development, coaching, and self-help will influence–or not affect people in a multitude of different ways. Depending on their experiences, they may or may not be open and receptive to counsel, even from themselves.

The beautiful world you see may be hell to someone else.

When you see troubled people who are closed, rigid, obstinate or cynical, remember Socrates’s dictum, be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.” 

Some of the difficulties we experience in the office and see on the evening news are an outward expression of continued (amplified) suffering from trauma. Sometimes it’s the most damaging trauma, childhood trauma.

That’s why I adopted the stance of first silently asking not what’s wrong with you but rather, what happened to you?   

Psychologist’s tell us that 87% of our population experiences a disordered or dysfunctional home life. There is a much to overcome for the traumatized individual even before we begin on the path of re-training and development. They face vulnerabilities and limitations that add to the already tricky playing field called life.

Trauma is unfortunate, but if not addressed, it becomes a tragedy. The tragedy is you end up angry, resentful, cruel and cynical.

You have a unique and vital role to play in the unfolding destiny of our world. Strengthen yourself.

Restructure. Figure out who you are and bolster yourself concerning your vulnerabilities and limitations. Shoulder the responsibility to take your life in a new, positive and progressive direction.

Recognize that your self-improvement results will be different from everybody else’s and that’s a good thing. You have your issues, they are yours, and you can handle it. There’s no one better to do so. Sure it’s a long flight, but you’re the pilot.

Bliss is not where you start. It’s where you end up.

Brian Braudis