Brian Braudis’ 1-Minute Morning Memo: February 29, 2020 – Happy Leap Day: A Perk for You!

Hello Fans:

I write as a Partner on Medium. But to read what is written by Partners, requires a membership of $5 per month or $50 per year. It’s a good deal for anyone who wants to grow, evolve and thrive. You could make this your daily investment.

How Medium’s Partnership Program works, I’m not exactly sure. I post my articles and Medium pays attention to how many fans I garner. They pay the writers a nominal fee according to some fan algorithm that I don’t really understand.

As one of my subscribers, you have free access to my articles that get curated. Here’s one now. You become a fan when you “clap” for my article by clicking on the pair of hands.

You can hit the hands icon up to 50 times. So, the 189 you see doesn’t mean that 189 individual people clapped for that post. It could be as few as four people.

Having fans who routinely read my posts and clap for them, help me deliver quality content without always having to make an offer or sell something.

Will you be one of my true fans? If you’re already opening my emails and clicking my links, all it takes is clapping for my posts if you enjoy them–once or 50 times or anywhere in between. And sharing them, if you’re feeling it.

It doesn’t cost anything to clap for a Medium post that you enjoy. You can also easily share the link via Twitter or Facebook too.

Thank you!
Happy Leap Day!