Brian Braudis’ 1-Minute Morning Memo: February 3, 2020 – Pivot Away From Regret: Think Investment, Opportunity and Potential

Today’s morning Memo is about what you already know. This is just a reminder, a gentle nudge, or a wake-up call early in a new year that is full of opportunities. And you friends are full of potential!

Research by Zety, an online resumé builder, has revealed the most common career regrets amongst workers.

The top 10 regrets are:

  1. Not taking more initiative
  2. Not having enough mentorship or guidance
  3. Playing it safe/not taking more chances
  4. Not maintaining my network
  5. Not quitting a job I disliked sooner
  6. Not negotiating hard enough for raises
  7. Not focusing enough on advancing my career
  8. Not networking enough
  9. Not negotiating a higher starting salary
  10. Not working harder at school

These results were obtained by surveying 1,011 people. 

There’s an old saying how we must all endure either the pain of discipline or the overbearing, heavier pain of regret.

I would reframe the maxim toward development rather than enduring pain. You don’t have to work hard. Don’t be intimidated by discipline. Apply the scientific method, a daily strategy.

The umbrella mindset is to think of it as investing in opportunity and potential. That’s your strategy!

If you invest in fitness, you’re healthy longer. If you invest in your finances, you’ll have a comfortable retirement. And, if you invest in you, your career, you stay relevant. You develop a career and a life of worthwhileness. You will execute skillfully, stay relevant, and look back on your career as a worthwhile accomplishment. That’s mastery!

Who knows? Your third act could be helping and guiding others on the path of mastery that you already blazed!

Here is your Investment Equation: Opportunity + Potential = Mastery