Brian Braudis’ 1-Minute Morning Memo: February 4, 2019 – Personal Growth

Better ConditionA new study on the use of social media points to potential for a better condition. “The most striking result from the study may be that deactivating Facebook had a positive but small effect on people’s moods and life satisfaction.” 

So if you can elevate your mood and promote well-being, grow even a little by disengaging with Facebook, what else can you do to lead yourself into a better condition?

The most dependable and effective personal growth factor–for a better condition,  is the key to the big is small. 

It’s almost a guarantee that consistently doing the right small things over time leads to a better condition and….. big accomplishments.

  • LeBron James wasn’t born a basketball player. More likely, he was born to play basketball and he grew into the expert that he is through consistent, long-term investment.
  • The Chicago Cubs won the 2016 World Series by focusing on the small things for the long-term. Team president, Theo Epstein devised a 5-year plan to go from worst to first—starting with a draft that focused on promising hitters and strong character.
  • In 2012 the Houston Astros were ranked dead last but in 2017 they won the World Series. They used short-term misery as a pushing force to advance. With solid commitment from the owner and the franchise they engaged in a long rebuilding effort that spanned multiple seasons and required faith and belief as the losses piled skyward.
  • Toyota’s journey to world-class auto manufacturing is a another good example. They endured low-to-no sales in the U. S. for years and even stopped exporting for a time before emerging as a global leader.
  • Apple’s iPod released in 2001 sold 400,000 units its first year. Apple’s share price fell by 25% that year too. But they opted for doing the right small things over the long-term. By 2009 they had sold 220 million iPods and revolutionized the music business.

In very practical terms, personal growth is not about you making more money. It’s a means to increase your value, contribute beyond self and advance a greater purpose.

The journey of personal growth makes it easy to find meaning in life.
Brian Braudis