Brian Braudis’ 1-Minute Morning Memo: February 8, 2021 – You Are Stronger Than You Know: The Potential Within

The possibility to avoid stress, struggle, pain, and suffering ride within you wherever you go. But what we see highlighted in society and mass culture doesn’t reflect this knowledge.

Trained but not prepared

We are overdeveloped in the material or worldly aspects of life and underdeveloped in character and the deeper, spiritual aspects of life that are more in need now than ever before.

Soul, character, and heart cannot be taught in a classroom or a workshop.

Society and mass culture are inarticulate when it comes to the deeper aspects of life like harmony, unity, connection, abiding relationships and a life anchored in virtue.

Look around, what is screaming out as our biggest need?

If you are unaware of your inner strengths, inner wealth, and deeper wisdom, you’ll view others as ‘the enemy.’ People become a means to an end. You force your will overtalking, outmaneuvering, and competing with others.

This leads to division, separateness, resentment, and loneliness. Life feels meaningless, brooding and worthlessness sets in. This impoverished circle continues with each new conflict.

Your world feels small and your dreams unattainable.

That’s why my messages for 2021 have been consistent.

You are not a means to some end.

What is possible for America and humanity.

Concrete ways to choose better in 2021.

Not broken just simply unfinished.

Freedom in the Information Age

Quietly develop your Self. Recognize your inner wealth…. The strength, and wisdom to rise above the ever-present everyday turmoil.