Brian Braudis’ 1-Minute Morning Memo: February 9, 2015

Learn From Everything

Today’s focus: Self-worth. I often encourage you to learn from everything and Super Bowl XLIX was no exception. Talking heads are now over analyzing and throwing out post game judgments, claiming, “Brady’s arm is limited, not good enough, etc.…”

From the perspective of human performance, here’s what I observed.

Brady had more in-completions than completions. No big deal, goes with the territory. He’s in the arena trying and doing, not hidden in a cozy booth.

Those who judge Brady’s performance are the same people who criticize Amazon for low prices. Take a look where Brady is and where Amazon is. I call the judgments and criticisms “background noise.”

If you are in the arena working, writing, striving to improve or create something, trying to ship something, I recommend you do the internal work to ensure your self-worth comes from within you. Your inner work will show up in your outer work. Just as it did for Brady.

Many people give up too soon and I’m afraid it’s because they seek and/or expect self-worth from others, not a valid plan. Fa get about it.

Brady made a bunch of mistakes but each time he picked himself back up, found his internal strength, harnessed it to his ability (you need both) and went out and tried again ignoring the background noise. He won!

You can win too. Breakthroughs come from staying with it. Read more here…

Self-worth won’t help you become perfect, it will help you know you don’t have to be perfect.

Read a quote (too long for this Memo) from Teddy Roosevelt called, “It’s Not The Critic Who Counts”