Brian Braudis’ 1-Minute Morning Memo: March 1, 2021 – Deeper, Not More

I’ve attended a lot of ‘training’ in a quest to become a better manager and a better leader. I’ve even gone to the same workshops two or three times.

I tried in earnest to apply the lessons from those workshops. But I was left dismayed. It seemed I always had lots of questions and few answers.   

I shared my yearning with senior leaders and supervisors, and they suggested I attend The Center for Creative Leadership.

Their (director-level) leadership program was $10,000 for one week, not including the hotel stay in Greensboro, NC.

Unchanged and still hungry for answers, I earned an M.S. in Organizational Leadership.

I implemented what I learned and developed skill and technique, but a vague unease haunted me. My skill and technique were topical. I couldn’t relax and be the leader because I knew when opinions are strong, and the stakes are high, emotions would ultimately rule the day.

In a moment of blissful meditative insight (what I talked about in last week’s message), I realized all my training was horizontal!

All the flat, topical training in the world won’t compensate for the need to go deeper, look below the surface, and build character—an inner strength that supersedes outer strengths like skill and technique.

What I desired required more than skill—to be consistent and dependable, not hijacked or losing myself amid strong opinions or emotionally charged shouters.

I wanted to be useful and effective, not loud and needy.

I couldn’t relax and lead until I possessed inner cohesion. To be a real and authentic leader, I needed to be consistently calm, settled, and rooted, not easily blown off course by storms or carried away by high tides. 

My vague unease, I realized, was seeing a humiliating gap between my actual self and my desired self.

I had overdeveloped the resume-type skills at the expense of the deeper areas. Heart, empathy, compassion, kindness, and courage—a deep and profound character cannot be picked up in a book or taught in college or a leadership workshop. 

I was exposed to abundant strategies for career success and skill development and few ideas for what is essential—developing an incorruptible core, a depth of character, and inner cohesion that anchors one in the better side of human nature

Deeper, not more training. 

Meditation, stillness, or just slowing down will reveal what is latent, hidden, or concealed by a fast-paced, unfocused, and distracted life pace.

New perspectives will help you transform and apply all your training and experience from a new deeper foundation of awareness, attention and focus.  

You can expect:

  • Heightened states of selflessness, serenity, and composure will become real and explicit.
  • With practice, you cultivate traits such as generosity, emotional control, composure, and impartiality.
  • We become less easily entangled with incessant mind chatter, opinions, and stories. We become more open.

What you are is the result of who you were. What you cultivate now will influence who you become. When you add meditation to your life-long learning, it connects you with essential human qualities that soften, strengthen and enlighten from within.

Don’t make this more challenging than it needs to be. 

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