Brian Braudis’ 1-Minute Morning Memo: March 10, 2014-Today’s focus, Reinvention


Today’s focus, Reinvention: In this day and age we should always be thinking about ways to reinvent, large and small. Every day is a new opportunity to reinvent. Being in a new and uncomfortable place not knowing what new action to take can create anxiety.

Here are four ideas to help hold you to the ground and show you the sky:

  1. Panic, this won’t work, it’s over,
Okay…. Now exhale. This is a common limiting “past dictates the future” perspective. 
REFRAME: your limiting past ends with the past. Shift—to a new pattern of a limitless future. 
You are not your past!
  2. There is No Way Out:
This is an outlook that will keep you in stuck mode. Ask: what can I learn? Is there another way to look at this? Remember there are front doors, back doors and even side doors, available. Trying something new like a new career step may not turn out to be a panacea but allowing yourself to experiment and take a risk may help lead you to something that will light you up!
  3. It’s Too Hard:
I am not going to claim reinvention is easy. However, the 21st Century is the age of second acts. Starting over is the new norm. Welcome to the club! When Steve Jobs was fired from Apple, he didn’t stop because it was too hard. He reinvented himself at Pixar then he came back again to reinvent Apple into the most valuable company in the world. Jobs knew what was important—action. No panicking, complaining, blaming, finger pointing just pure power player resiliency. He never lost his vision for himself. He never lost his high standard of contribution.
  4. I’m Lost in This New Place,
This “new place” is a crossroads area for you. The lost feeling is unfamiliarity. Your old life situation is like a huge, dark cloud blocking the warm sun and energy of your yet to be discovered new life situation. If you open up to what is possible you’ll allow the light to shine through.

There certainly are struggles in the reinvention process just as there are struggles in life. When faced with reinvention, often the options available seem unappealing, at first. Instead of taking what you can get, build what you want. Create your plan and execute one step at a time!