Brian Braudis’ 1-Minute Morning Memo: March 16, 2020 – The Silver Lining

Silver LiningNo matter what camp you’re in—COVID-19 is much to do about nothing or, we’re in deep dodo, there is no doubt that if you want reassuring news, you have to seek it out intentionally, doing so exposes the silver lining.

The default information is not encouraging.

Intentionally Sought Out Silver Lining:

  • We now have a heightened awareness of how to and how often we should wash our hands. Going forward, we could stop the flu season in its tracks.
  • There is a new healthy respect for how our efforts can help keep each other safe through personal habits, intelligent social behaviors, and other elevated safety approaches.
  • This outbreak exposed systemic problems in our health care system and our way of life.

If we pause, reflect, and ask, is buying scads of toilet paper and antibacterial goods the best use of our efforts and resources? We might see a better way, a solution rather than a patch job.

In The Beautiful Cure: The Revolution In Immunology And What It Means For Your Health, Dr. Daniel Davis says the immune system is far more powerful than any medication we have devised.

Maybe we would be better served and better prepared if we focused on building a resilient immune system rather than buying an overabundance of Band-Aids.

A shift in mindset from oh, ohhhhh, I hope nothing goes wrong to I’m prepared and strong

Crisis finds us as we are not as we wish to be.  Stop wishing and begin preparing.

Now is the perfect time to invest in building toward your ideal self.

Start with fuel. The CDC has defined 47 Powerhouse Fruits and Vegetables based on nutrient density. This is the high-octane energy you’ll need to create the life you want rather than react to the life you’re given.

From here, you have the foundation to optimize all the dimensions of Human Nature—physical, mental, spiritual, and social.

The shiniest silver lining is seeing this outbreak as an opportunity to begin what you’ve been postponing, the project called YOU.