Brian Braudis’ 1-Minute Morning Memo: March 19, 2018 – Stress

stress on the job
I am on a panel speaking about How to Manage Stress on the Job at The National Facilities Management and Technology (NFMT) Conference and Expo in Baltimore.

A friend and colleague asked me pointedly. Why are you talking about stress on the job rather than leadership?  Well, stress on the job is a fundamental topic.  You can’t access your leadership qualities if you are stressed and full of anxiety. Stress is one of the most relevant topics of the 21st century.

Uncertainty and distraction are at an all-time high and self-control and discipline are at a low. This creates a tension and anxiety that feeds a background of stress that colors everything.

Heightened anxiety dramatically impairs your ability to access rational thought. The effects of high anxiety overload your higher functions…meaning your leadership functions.

A recent Yale study found that a major reason why we have so much trouble reducing our stress on the job levels is because intense and prolonged exposure to stress actually reduces the volume of grey matter in the areas of the brain responsible for self-control.

When you lose your ability to cope with stress, it becomes harder and harder to keep yourself out of stressful situations. Is it any wonder why we see more and more people getting sucked into progressive rounds of greater stress—even high jacked in some cases? Stress on the job will eat you and your lunch!

Too often we know the symptoms of stress—frustration, disappointment and dissatisfaction but miss the nexus to stress. People think, this is just life and burnout is an excuse for shortcomings.

Stress is too readily accepted by mass culture. If you’re successful, you must be under stress.  This is simply not true.

Clearly we need to learn more about stress.

Stress is bad for us only if we are bad at managing it. 

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