Brian Braudis’ 1-Minute Morning Memo: March 2, 2020 – Spring Cleaning

Spring CleaningMost people, even the optimistic type, deal with “mental chatter” that is up to 70% negative. This is known as negativity dominance. We counter our negative thoughts with positive influence (spring cleaning) because it doesn’t feel good to have such negative thoughts.

The research suggests that deep in our heart of hearts people are much more self-critical, pessimistic, anxious, and fearful than they outwardly show.

This sheds new light on the idea that everyone is dealing with something. So, each person you encounter at the drive-thru, in your office, or during your commute, is managing or enduring a heavy load of negative mind chatter.

That’s toxic-level negativity for one person. Imagine the collective negativity.

Absorbed by negative mind chatter, the potential is there to become absent to everything else. When the master is absent, negativity is very happy to move in permanently and take up residence.

It’s a little easier to understand why when we see some people react wildly, seemingly out of nowhere with tremendous pent-up negativity.

Video (2 min.): people can be like garbage trucks.

If each of us would refrain from commenting on one negative thought each day, we could begin to do some spring cleaning and make the world a little better.

Welcome Spring by Taking Responsibility to Reduce Negativity

  • Become aware of your mood before anyone else sees it and control it.
  • Avoid backbiting, honor those no present.
  • Anger, outbursts, making a scene, and road rage are the outward manifestations of inward pollution. Take responsibility for your internal state.
  • The root cause of pain and suffering comes from the individual (mental chatter), not the situation.
  • Recognize how small we are playing when we react with negativity.
  • What happens in life is insignificant compared to our reaction that follows.

You can change your life, and I can change my life. Together, we can change the world.

Leave nothing to chance.