Brian Braudis’ 1-Minute Morning Memo: March 22, 2021 – Achievement vs. Discovery

The global situation is calling us to improve. Or you could say the difficulties we face are finally catching up to us.

We have overdeveloped resume skills, the material aspects of life at the expense of deeper virtues.

Character, spirit, and the emotional aspects of life have been lost. Great careers, shrewdness, clever retorts, and sarcasm are commonplace.

Humility, restraint, temperance, respect, self-discipline, in a word, character, these virtues are not only rare, they’re vintage!

When is the last time you encountered someone who knew the purpose and meaning of their life? Or someone with an inner constancy to withstand popular disapproval?

If we stay with the worldly, resume, skill-building approach, we become trapped. What got you here won’t take you out of here. You can’t go higher with more achievement.

Slow down, look and bring about discovery of the deeper dimensions in you. That’s not just improvement; that’s liberation!

Achievement is an accomplishment. Discovery is a breakthrough!