Brian Braudis’ 1-Minute Morning Memo: March 23, 2020 – Strategic Perseverance

Strategic PerseveranceStrategic Perseverance: It seems that there’s a new normal every day. It may appear that all there is left to do is sit home and brace for an uncertain and unimaginable impact.

Rather than brace for impact, I suggest we apply Strategic Perseverance.

The feelings generated from the daily new normal are escapable. This is a choice, a decision to control your thoughts and not be controlled by them.

Pause and use that stillness to recognize the reality that yes, a virus can impact our physical bodies, but we decide whether we let it control our minds.

Relief and sanity are controlled by us. Remember, life is 20 % what happens and 80% how we respond to what happens. When you look at it from the helicopter view, life is a super series of decisions.

Apply strategic perseverance.

I’ve written about the effectiveness of small steps before.

Using micro-steps toward BIG change is scientifically valid. Stanford University researcher BJ Fogg describes how micro-steps can add up in his book, Tiny Habits: The Small Changes That Change Everything.

He writes, with micro-steps, you start a domino effect where “one habit builds to two habits that builds to three habits.” And it inspires people around us to build new habits themselves. “By starting small with yourself and your family, you set off a chain reaction that creates an explosion of change.”

If you can introduce calm, positive small growth steps—strategic perseverance, during these times of pervasive uncertainty, you will be one of the helpers, a gift giver.

Celebrate your efforts.

It’s important to celebrate each time you take a small step toward habit-formation. This is my trick to spark a positive emotion and a feeling of success. Every day I look forward to documenting my daily investment on my Personal Growth (Leadership Habit) Calendar.

By keeping a Personal Growth Calendar, I connect my brain and nervous system to the behavior, and it becomes a larger, automatic practice, in other words, a habit.

Strategically persevere through the daily new normal with these small steps.

  • Take time to pause and be still. Think thermostat, not thermometer. Collect yourself, adjust to what is.
  • Selectively watch the news. This is hard. I know because here in New Jersey, the Governor just gave a stay home order, and the hour-plus announcement was magnetic. I couldn’t pull myself away. But when it was over. I made sure it was OVER!
  • After you wash your hands, use an aromatic, calming moisturizer to help cultivate well being.

Apply the top three strategies that build a foundation of perseverance.

  1. Sleep. Scientist have deemed sleep more important than food.
  2. Exercise. Any physical activity is beneficial for mind, body, and spirit.
  3. Nutrition. The CDC ranked the top 47 Powerhouse Vegetables and Fruit so you can follow the facts rather than marketing.

Build a reserve through strategic perseverance because helpers need a reserve. You can’t give away what you don’t have for yourself.

Stay Well

Brian Braudis