Brian Braudis’ 1-Minute Morning Memo: March 26, 2018 – Don’t Be Average

Don’t Be Average. I probably learned more from the 200+ crowd I addressed last week at the National Facilities Management & Technology Conference/Exposition.

The audience of managers, senior executives and maintenance professionals were outspoken and engaging. I could sum up their mood by saying the average worker is stressed out—overwhelmed and overworked.

The average worker:

  • Feels that stress has increased
  • Believes there is less time to do more
  • Resources have decreased over time

For me this is pointing to a necessary shift. The average worker is stressed, overwhelmed and overworked….Don’t Be Average!

Push back in your favor. Do what is necessary for well-being…not just doing well, being well!

Don't Be AverageDo what is necessary so you Don’t Be Average!

Go beyond—- transcend the typical, status quo; what everybody else is doing. Of course this shift means you will be swimming against the current, opposite society and mass culture.

You will need the strength and fortitude to keep swimming when everyone else is going a different direction, pointing at you laughing, projecting their thoughts on you—he’ll never make it.

Here are three things the average person is not doing

  1. Relaxing. We are not as good at deescalating as we are at getting pumped up….but we need to get better at being able to relax to survive and thrive in today’s world…we need to slow down, pause and check our mood—observe what is driving us and turn it around. YOU need to be doing the driving. Reaction means tension and escalation… but lack of reaction means composure and de-escalation. Reconsider your response to stress.
  2. Preparing a strong offense. The best defense is a strong offense. Embrace the fact that life doesn’t play fair and you shouldn’t either. Stack the deck in your favor. Prepare for the worst and hope for and make every effort to bring about the best.
  3. Shifting your thinking. Stressful thinking leads to stressful feelings. We conjure up stress by worrying, letting uncertainty create anxiety and fearing scenarios of what has not happened. Everything in life is vying for your attention. Be selective on what and how you think about things. Mark Twain is famous for saying; I’ve experienced many terrible things in my life, a few of which actually happened.

The average person reacts to life.

Don’t be average!

Know that each day’s effort is pulling energy from you and you only have so much. Proactively build a reserve of strength and composure. Create your environments. Invest in your well being.

Remember that the stress and overwhelm you feel has taken time to amass so it will take time to build what will counter it.

Don’t just take my word for it, try this for yourself and watch how you feel.

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