Brian Braudis’ 1-Minute Morning Memo: March 5, 2018 – Leave Nothing to Chance

leave nothing to chanceToo often we leave not just some things but everything to chance. We let life lead us. Our thoughts are directing our actions. We are the servant when we should be the master. We should leave nothing to chance!

I was called in too late to help someone on the verge of derailment. He was about to be fired for a pattern of explosive behavior that culminated to the final disciplinary action.

This was a classic case of, I can’t help it I have a hot temper. That’s the way it is.  With this approach the power in the individual was lost—given away. This person was reactive rather than proactive.

He was resigned to the idea that what ever he did in the present had no effect on his circumstances. He believed that he was not capable of acting on himself and creating change. I tried to change and it didn’t work.

This was a particularly hard case for me since I believe the exact opposite and  leave nothing to chance. I have created the life I enjoy 100% through being proactive, acting on myself and improving myself. 

I have helped hundreds of other people with similar struggles, incorrect maps, limiting beliefs and modern-day challenges.

I couldn’t convince this individual to try anything. He was a strong cynic and resigned to the fate of being fired. He said, I’m ok with leaving things to chance.

It’s an impossible predicament when the coach wants the change more than the client.

The trouble is going forward means nothing. There is no going forward….nothing will change for this individual in the future. In fact, this incident added to his already skewed view of the world. It added more negativity to the collective vault he guarded so carefully. He has been pulled down even more.

I encourage you to proactively self-reflect. Are you leaving anything to chance?

  • You fitness level?
  • Your ability to adapt, learn and grow in a rapidly changing world?
  • Your self-awareness?
  • Are you allowing negativity to fester?

You can talk to a coach about what you discover but ultimately it’s up to you to lead your life not leaving anything to chance.

I have noticed that even those who assert that everything is predestined and that we can change nothing about it still look both ways before they cross the street. 
― Stephen Hawking


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