Brian Braudis’ 1-Minute Morning Memo: March 6, 2017 – Self-image

Self Image. One reason it is so difficult to change our habits has mostly to do with applying a technique or a positive attitude to an external circumstance…. I’ll stay positive and go to the gym 4-days a week starting now. I will Just Do It! But this approach is flawed by missing the effort to change the Self that will create the accomplishment and bring about the new habit.

We’ve been warned throughout the ages the foolishness of attempting to put new wine into old bottles. Positive thinking cannot be effectively used as a new effort in an old self-image.

Your conception of yourself must match with what you attempt to accomplish. If you feel comfortable and confident with whom you are, you will easily forgive imperfections and shrug off mistakes as a temporary, learning moment.

On the other hand if your self-image is one of reticence and embarrassment you often feel anxious and insecure and you don’t easily forgive yourself. You’ll look at a new career, a new entrepreneurial effort or an attempt at physical transformation—weight loss and fitness with anxious trepidation.

You may attempt the effort on some level but there is always some unease or nervousness. Fake it till you make it won’t help!

To change your self-image, begin to recognize that you are designed for success and happiness. The old self-image of I’ll never move. I’m stuck here in this place and there’s nothing I can do is in error.

You won’t change your self-image through will power, positive thinking or arbitrary desire…there must be some underlying truth. Something you know about yourself that no one else knows. Find that truth and then begin to look for evidence in everything you encounter…things you read and observe. Look in every corner.

Notice that birds born in spring migrate in winter without instruction. Squirrels born in the spring have never experienced winter but they gather and store nuts for what will come. They are engineered for success.

You are a higher being than birds and squirrels and you were engineered for even greater success. You also have a creative imagination in your toolset. Feverishly seek the evidence out for yourself that you are engineered for success. There is no substitute for self-discovery and the subsequent boost to your self-image.

You have to know unequivocally who you are, no vacillating, no perhaps, no, “I guess.”  Work and play hard everyday!