Brian Braudis’ 1-Minute Morning Memo: March 9, 2020 – Self-Management

Self-managementCoronavirus has evolved into something new. A catalyst of a more inescapable epidemic. The proliferation of fear. Self-management is under rated!

Maybe the worst thing about coronavirus is the uncertainty it brings. Uncertainty creates fault lines that lead to anxiety and fear. Instability festers, and our emotions block rational thought.

This causes people to make poor (reactive) choices, like buying up masks and antibacterial products that create shortages where this stuff is most desperately needed and put to more valuable use.

Bad is Stronger Than Good

Just as Bad is Stronger than Good, fear spreads faster than composure, especially in today’s high-tech, social media world. Self-management is underrated.

We saw similar knee-jerk fear reactions with Avian Influenza, Zika, and SARS to name a few. The actual “affected public” was small, especially when compared to (reality) the dangers, we face crossing the street or driving on our highways.

But that didn’t stop the unrestrained exposure to information that only touched the few.

Whatever way this thing goes it’s most critical to self-manage. Don’t lose yourself in the chaos.

The key to composure is first awareness of what is happening at foundational levels, and then the mental discipline for self-management.

Here’s how to use your mind rather than be used by it.

After you turn off the news:

Prevent Facebook from bringing you down.

Remember, daily investment over the occasional view. Do something every day that helps you grow in awareness, insight, and understanding.

Build a reserve of composure from the evidence you discover in readings, quotes, stories, vignettes, and biographies that inspire and stimulate you.

Write your growth essays. What have you observed or discovered for yourself? Writing is a higher level of thinking and the best way to codify your thoughts. 

It’s affirming to read stories, but it’s liberating to write your own!

Join a community of Energizers and Advocates. Daily interaction with people who lift you higher, hold you accountable for goodness, and offer new ideas and perspectives will influence your world view.

Courage is not the absence of fear. Courage is mastery over Self. One who conquers himself is mightier than one who conquers a city.