Brian Braudis’ 1-Minute Morning Memo: April 10, 2017 – Shift

I’m not a golfer but I am a huge fan of how to Make Shift Happen and this year’s Masters from Augusta was a thriller.

Sergio Garcia won his first major title today, in Augusta and it was great fun to watch it happen.

Miss read putts and bogeys made for adrenalin rushes, heart pounding and that sinking feeling for Garcia but he maintained composure, stayed with his strategy and pulled off his first major win.

Make Shift Happen

What appeared to be a struggle on the course at Augusta was exaggerated off the course. Garcia, a 37-year-old Spaniard was up against 18 years of golfing demons, the ghosts of 73 losses at majors past and the threat of another one that to some was about to get away……. The public, critics and sports commentators were known to cry that Garcia just didn’t have it. He would never win.

But as the announcer called out after his winning putt, positive vibes and unbridled determination harnessed to talent and practice carried the day. When interviewed briefly afterwards, Garcia said, even after the bogeys I still believed.

Garcia didn’t always believe. He was known for negative self-talk, saying he wasn’t ready; he lacked something, and other conditioned responses that fueled his self-fulfilling prophecy of 73 losses.

It wasn’t until Garcia met his bright and sunny fiancée Angela Akins that his shift caused the dark clouds to lift. Akins’ father, a former NFL quarterback also influenced Garcia with his optimism, faith and belief in effort and development. Two positive and talented people harnessed their belief and approaches to Garcia’s effort and made the difference.

Garcia now feels like he has everything, all the pieces that until now eluded him. I imagine he couldn’t see his own negativity, how he fueled his self-fulfilling prophecy. He was adding to his misery of losing but couldn’t get out. He didn’t now how to change it. He didn’t know he needed to shift.

Are you adding to a minor misfortune with your adverse opinion and your negative self-talk, self-pity, anger or resentment? Do you need to shift?

Don’t enflame the things that happen with your opinion of the things that happen.