Brian Braudis’ 1-Minute Morning Memo: April 11, 2016 – Today’s focus: Experience

ExperienceToday’s focus: Experience. My son’s crew race on the Schuylkill River in Philadelphia this weekend was pivotal for his JV Eight Boat.

At the start there were two officials in two boats. Both were equipped with megaphones. One was the “start or green light” boat that gives the official start and the other (much more vocal) boat was barking orders to “steady your boat, stop rowing and straighten in your lane.”

The boys were so focused on following the barking orders of the loud boat that they missed the start call by a full second.

They missed getting a good start out of the hole and took 4th place. It was an unfortunate mistake that was quickly turned into a valuable lesson.

When the coaches asked the rowers, what happened (as any good coach does)? the boys in the JV Eight Boat quickly analyzed the error for themselves and assured coaches it would never happen again.

Even with their rigorous 6-day-per week training schedule, this is the kind of lesson you can’t duplicate or insert into practice. You have to be in the boat, rowing.

The only way to get this kind of experience is to be present and engaged—in the boat, in your lane on race day with the wind, the megaphones, the egos and every ref, facilitator or whatever wants your attention.

How do we ensure we are not missing out on any experience that may not work out as planned at the moment but ultimately will propel us forward?

We must be present, open, ready to learn, adapt and carry it over the finish line.

Experience is still the best teacher.

Mistakes are often dismissed as setbacks when in fact those setbacks are actually a setup for something even greater. More Here

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