Brian Braudis’ 1-Minute Morning Memo: April 12, 2021 – The Road Less Traveled: What Would You Do?

I’ve been writing about deeper awareness for several weeks, and it struck me that some people may be asleep to the fact that they amplify life’s problems through reactivity, and they live kind of a dream.

This is totally involuntary, but they derive their sense of self (their story) from the past, what happened to them, how they were wronged.

Their thoughts and opinions drive their behavior even though that’s not their intent. Life and destiny are determined by what happens to them.

This was palpable in the Ken Burns Documentary on Ernest Hemingway. Watching from a sense of awareness and being awake, you could see he had problems but not beyond his control.

A family history of mental illness and suicide, insecurities, and fear were all covered up with a cultivated hyper-machoism.

Hemingway said he wanted to be a good person, but he couldn’t pull it off. It was as though something else was in charge.

He committed suicide like his father before him, but it didn’t have to be that way. Hemingway had early warnings from doctors, wives, and friends. But he chose to cover up his feelings and self-medicate on many levels.

I encourage you to watch this short documentary with heightened awareness.

Look for the many opportunities Hemingway had to choose the path less traveled.

If we wish not to go backward, we must run.