Brian Braudis’ 1-Minute Morning Memo: April 13, 2020 – Today’s Shrug Off Stress

Shrug off StressUncertainty creates anxiety and that creates stress. People who are stressed make poor decisions. Shrug Off Stress!

Can you see how stress and angst builds on itself? If we are inattentive, we are basically sending the message that no one is home.

So whatever is the prevailing thought, say from watching the news, seeps in insidiously (in a gradual, subtle way, but with harmful effects).

If you are washing your hands, using a rejuvenating hand cream and wearing a face mask you are at step 1. You have already taken the first step to reduce stress and build well being by increasing your attention to self-care.

Take your first step to Shrug Off Stress to the next level.

  • Don’t think about what we are missing. Think about what we can create.
    More empathy, more connection and family enjoyment would be a permanent improvement.
  • Imagine if we made it meaningful to be at home, if we gave new attention to family, our yard, the trees, the bees, Spring is unfolding right in front of us. Life is all around us!
  • We are always so busy. Now we are not. We have the time to lounge around and go deeper with our families. Don’t allow stress to bleed into this opportunity.

I’ve read where staying indoors has increased cases of domestic violence. Talk about stress?

This points to what I wrote in my helpful eBook The Way Upward: Make Your Limiting Past A Limitless Future.

Everyone has a story. Psychologists report that chaotic and disordered homes are widespread with about 87% of families enduring some level of dysfunction. If you are unsure of your level of childhood trauma, I suggest you take the ACE Quiz. The ACE Quiz is a tally of adverse childhood experiences. The higher the score—up to 10, the higher risk there is for problems, disease, and difficulty functioning (facing challenges) in the modern world later in life. We now know that 70% of our population has an ACE score of at least one. 

Every problem has a solution. With enough effort, desire, skillful and willful living we can overcome any obstacle.

We are built to triumph. But we must develop this capacity. It doesn’t just arrive at birth.