Brian Braudis’ 1-Minute Morning Memo: April 18, 2016 – Today’s focus: Cause

RootRoot of the Problem

What is the cause of strife, turmoil, and failure..or fear? If we really want to get at the root of the problem we need to discover and address the controlling factors.
Every time I’m asked to deliver a workshop on leadership, improvement or motivation, I question and drill down to what the main controlling issues are before I put a program together. If you ask the mechanic for a tune up you’ll get a tune up but it may not fix the issue at hand.

Identify the Cause

If managers don’t trust team members it’s not likely that employee engagement is very high. The employee disengagement won’t likely change after a skill-building workshop without first clearly identify the target, the cause of the lack of trust.

The further you go back in the causal chain the more likely you are to effectively create improvement.

Don’t be one of the thousands hacking away at the leaves.

Be the one attacking the root cause

  • Rather than reducing stress, create well being
  • Don’t become well-trained, become masterful
  • Forget dieting, foster healthful living

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