Brian Braudis’ 1-Minute Morning Memo: April 20, 2020 – Happy Earth Day!

Happy Earth DayHappy Earth Day! Did you know that the first thing to appear from a seed is the root? In this case it’s an acorn and the root develops first so that the seedling (tree) will stand with majestically with integrity.

Everything I post on this website is designed root you with a solid foundation so you can stand with your shoulders back, with integrity and persist through storm after storm of criticism, rejection, bullying, unfairness, judging and false assumptions, labeling and accusing eyes.


Let’s talk about something other than the virus.

This Earth Day will be virtual for most people, but it doesn’t have to be.

If you have access to a garden, a yard, an undisturbed field or the ocean, a forest edge, you can enjoy a pretty nice Earth Day,

You don’t have to clean anything up, although if you do, thanks!

Just observe and get closer to Nature. Connect and see how life is coming up through the dirt.

In a garden you might find Virginia Bluebells, and early bloomer. Or Forget-Me-Not, another early one, maybe you’ll see wild violets.

Or any number of tiny flowers, full spectacle, in bloom.

Look for acorns germinating and beginning to develop into trees.

If you have access to an untreated lawn or an undisturbed field you may see the Spring wildflower, Bluets, a small, delicate charming harbinger of spring.

Speaking of harbinger, look to the sky for eastern bluebirds. They are already paired up and now active looking for nesting sites.

Another sign of Spring is bird nests. They start early sometimes to a failure… See my site for a failed nest I found without too much looking.

Look at any tree or shrub and you’ll see it budding. It’s a new day!

Winter is over and the air is full of new growth.

Pause and reflect on Earth, Nature and growth.

I started a new (budding) Healing Power of Nature Page on my website. You can see a lot of the photos I mention on that page…….

Happy Earth Day!