Brian Braudis’ 1-Minute Morning Memo: April 24, 2017 – Earth Day

The Promise of Earth Day

The Promise of Earth Day —a cleaner, healthier and safer planet for our children and grand children, everyone—rich, middle class or not so rich or not so middle class…is all-inclusive. Toxicity is not just mercury or PCBs. “Crude” comes in many forms.

As affluent leaders, the onus is on us to clean up the messes and ensure we are not creating more. De-escalation of conflict, creating harmony and serenity must prevail if we are to seethe promise at hand.

We must take responsibility for well-being on every front—indoors and outdoors, internal and external. If necessary, begin with Self.

Going Green

What good is a “going green” if people are crumbling from the inside out from chronic stress, frustration and feelings of marginalization.

The saber-toothed tigers are gone. We have reduced threats to our survival down to marriage, money, family, traffic and work and even though we are equipped with the largest, most powerful, most creative and most imaginative brain capacity in all of Nature….we are still struggling.

As leaders we must do our part to improve our conditions—create a tide that floats all boats. Earth Day is not about ME it’s about WE! And as the cliché goes…it’s everyday.