Brian Braudis’ 1-Minute Morning Memo: April 3, 2017 – Stress at Work

Work Pressure and Stress

A primary cause of stress at work was highlighted in an April 1 article titled Why so Many Americans Hate Their Jobs where Gallup released their latest survey results. The grim news is 66% of 100 million employees are disengaged or actively disengaged at work.

The primary reason is? Many supervisors are ill equipped to manage people and all their idiosyncrasies. This situation adds to the stress of work. Whether you are a team member or a supervisor, you have a stake in this. Team members experience elevated stress, which shows up in their effort and behavior and supervisors bring increased stress to their supervision.

The fact that people cause stress for supervisors is not new. The question is what can we do about it? What is the antidote?

We must equip and empower our supervisors. In addition to not knowing how to manage people, ill equipped supervisors are in a position to make bad choices and bad decisions. Team members see theses poor decisions and “management” becomes target of ridicule.  All around effectiveness is lost.

We should all be in a position to create or add to well being for ourselves, the workplace and our communities.