Brian Braudis’ 1-Minute Morning Memo: April 7, 2014-Today’s focus, Choice

Life Options

Today’s Coaching, Choice: Every moment of everyday we have life options. We can choose. The question before us all is, what do you choose? As you go about creating opportunity and taking action toward life’s destiny…

…Do you choose?

  • Ambition or Apathy
  • Indulgence or Restraint
  • Abundance or Scarcity
  • Enthusiasm or Lethargy
  • Decide or Wait
  • Hearing or Listening
  • Risk or Safety
  • Independence or Dependence
  • Limits or Infinity
  • Expanding or Shrinking

Life is the ultimate creative act and we are the authors. Our story, our future and our destiny is not someone else’s choice, it’s ours.

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