Brian Braudis’ 1-Minute Morning Memo: April 8, 2019 – A Reminder

Spring is a reminder. Tulips and daffodils are easily recognized harbingers of spring. These stalwarts seem to magically appear as a “keep it moving” message to winter. Spring flowers may appear magically, but actually they have been preparing to appear since dormancy. They may have rested but they never stopped.

Careful observation shows us growth is the target of every living organism. As the environment changes, we see birds fly south, then north again to nest. In the face of constant change, nature is continually moving toward its target. Even if you can’t see it, growth is happening. Think of the embryo/chic developing out of sight inside the egg.

When spring arrives, flowers are ready because they have been, each day, steadily preparing.

Spring is a reminder

Spring is a palpable reminder that we are part of nature and we should be growing, improving and preparing each day for impending change. The idea is to benefit from constant change not be fearful, anxious or struggle in it.

You’ve got this! Pay attention, notice and engage with life. Don’t rely on what you did last year. Create new. There are no average flowers and there’s no such thing as an average day.

The World Economic Forum’s Report on Job Skills needed in the future points to the need for new. It cites creativity, people management and emotional intelligence as supremely important. Notice that these are useful skills for all of life—from volunteering as your child’s soccer coach to serving on a high-functioning team. They are not new but they are scarce. They are new to humanity!

Investing in yourself will serve you well for a lifetime no matter what functional role you play at work or at home.

Spring is an inspiration for all of us to be in the driver’s seat. Invest, using each day to make yourself more valuable and increasing your contribution.

Spring is nature saying, let’s grow!

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