Brian Braudis’ 1-Minute Morning Memo: May 1, 2017 – Planning

Focused Planning. As you study and analyze the state of current affairs, I encourage you to connect the dots, pick up on what’s not being said, the nuance and hints of the real message.

I have noticed an attempt to strike a different chord through the mindset of “we need a better plan, we need to grow more strategically.”

Government and everything connected to it has grown but in my analysis it’s not the actual size of government that should be the focus.

Growth in your personal life as well as government is inevitable. Growth will find you!

If you are reacting to life, being bounced around with the tides of communal narrative, the normative pressures to conform, you will grow, just as the government does—without rhyme or reason.

Then, one day you look around and discover, this is not where I want to be! I had not planned to be here at this stage of my life! The flow of life influenced my growth!

The government is saying the same thing right now.

The world is constantly changing and change demands a response. Growth happens whether you plan for it or not. If you’re not implementing your plan you’re probably implementing someone else’s. That someone else may not be invested in you as much as you would like.

Turn your purpose and your efforts into a plan and work that plan. Make each day add to your plan. When you look around, you will be where you had planned to be all along.

Activity is not the same as progress.