Brian Braudis’ 1-Minute Morning Memo: May 11, 2015 – Today’s focus: Perspective

Today’s focus: Perspective. A recent article in The Atlantic debated whether technology was displacing or replacing workers. Look at the facts before making a decision……….

It’s instructive to remember that frames, assumptions, mindset and perspective all play a part. Individual experience will undoubtedly color the view held.

It’s also instructive to consider the facts:

  • Television has not replaced radio
  • The Internet did not eliminate radio or television but actually enhanced it.
  • ATMs did not eliminate bank tellers. In fact more tellers were hired as a result.

When farm tractors replaced horses if you could be trained to drive a tractor the new skill commanded increased wages. In 1916 Frederick Winslow Taylor made a similar argument in the now classic, The Principles of Scientific Management. “Whenever any labor-saving device is introduced into any trade the result has universally been to make work for more men, not work for less men.”

What is the best solution to either of the above? A perspective of development and adaptability should be at the forefront. As technology escalates shouldn’t workers be escalating their capabilities too?

The focus should not be on the end of jobs available but a new perspective of the possibilities that are emerging due to technology.

Please don’t just tell me it’s raining. Rather, help me find an umbrella.