Brian Braudis’ 1-Minute Morning Memo: May 11, 2020 – One Question: What if You Did It?

What if You Did It? What if You Did it? What if you actually did all that crazy stuff you tried once, but felt stupid, didn’t like, and it didn’t work anyway?

Waking up early, working out, meditating, journaling—what if you stop over analyzing, wishing, and be that morning person?

Muhammad Ali called himself the greatest before he knew he was, or before we knew.

Wayne Gretzky said I’m burning to get to the next level, but speed and power won’t do it.  

Both men were savvy. They counted on the fact that talent was less critical than tenacity and effort.

What if you acted on that knowledge?

What if you took more initiative, focused on growing and advancing and developing relationships?

What if you used every day to get better—every interaction, every situation as a catalyst to improve?

What if you were empowered rather than burdened?

What if you stopped alleviating problems and put your heart and soul into eliminating them?

What if you believed that you could do it all you needed was tenacity and effort? What could be possible for you then?