Brian Braudis’ 1-Minute Morning Memo: May 12, 2014-Today’s focus,Authorship


Today’s coaching: Authorship: People blame the economy, circumstances, the weather, you name it…. but what’s behind every action or non-action is YOU. You are the author!

You are the maker of yourself. Whether it is the inner truth of character or the outer reality of circumstance, you literally construct everything. OK, maybe you can’t control all circumstances and certainly not the weather, but… The one thing always in your control is YOU….AND you control enough of everything else to make what you want to happen a reality. You create your destiny.

You make or unmake yourself

In my leadership work I see clients use the opportunity of leadership development to transform themselves and subsequently transform business.

I have also witnessed leaders plateauing, burning out, derailing and losing their careers. All these leaders had capacity. They were all exposed to the same development oppoortunities, the same possibilities; the difference was the authorship involved.

Whether you follow the script handed down by others or you develop your own, you author your life.

In all of life we are our own authors.  Brian’s Amazon author page

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